Let’s begin with the precise PHP perform:

1. perform XOREncryption($InputString, $KeyPhrase){


3.     $KeyPhraseLength = strlen($KeyPhrase);


5.     // Loop trough enter string

6.     for ($i = 0; $i //SALT

$salt = ‘my_special_phrase’;


$crypted = base64_encode(XOREncryption(‘my string’, $salt));

echo “Encrypted: ” . $crypted . “

 The variable ‘ $salt ‘ performs an important position right here.  It’s basically the ‘key’ to your encrypted string. The salt worth will all the time generate the identical values when the identical arithmetic are utilized to it.  It supplies the fixed wanted to generate randomness.  This goes to say that if somebody makes use of the salt that was used to generate the encryption and applies the identical arithmetic they will undo or reverse the encrypted string again into the unique string textual content.

To be able to decrypt an encrypted string that was generated by utilizing this perform use the invoccation code under:


$salt = ‘my_special_phrase’;


$decrypted  = XOREncryption(base64_decode($crypted), $salt);

echo “Decrypted: ” . $decrypted;

So long as I exploit the identical salt I can reverse an encrypted string that was encrypted with this perform.

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